Cost of Ottawa Long Term Care Homes

Payment Structure of Long Term Care Homes

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) provides funding for Homes. The amount paid by residents for their Long-Term Care Home accommodation is called a "co-payment".

Types of Stay in an Ottawa Long Term Care Home

There are two different terms used to define the length a person stays in a Home:

1. Long Stay refers to permanent accommodations for an indefinite period of time.

2. Short Stay refers to temporary stays at a Home.

•There are three types of short stay, the maximum number of days a person can stay for respite is 60 continuous or 90 in a calendar year, for convalescent care it is 90 continuous days or in a calendar year, and for an interim bed it is 120 consecutive days for the first period. This allows the CCAC’s to extend a resident’s stay up to 60 days if certain circumstances are met.
•The short-stay respite care program provides a caregiver with a break from caregiving duties.
•The convalescent care program helps the resident to regain strength and confidence, usually following a stay in a hospital.
•The interim bed program provides a short stay interim bed for a patient who was residing in the hospital but needs long term care. The patient will wait for the bed of their choice in the interim bed.